Thursday, March 29, 2007

Of wizards and cliffhangers

Hello, everybody. Spring is almost here, and you all know what that means. Our favorite shows go on hiatus until the fall! And my beloved Battlestar Gallactica isn’t going to be back until 2008! Argh!

You know all the big dramas and even some of the comedies will end on cliffhangers. Which brings me to the real subject of my blog. My books end with cliffhangers. This is, admittedly, a device to inspire readers to look for the next book in the series. But it’s also just how I write. I like it, but I don’t want to annoy people. So tell me your feelings about the cliffhangers that end the books. Do they bother you?

Speaking of TV, I’m really into “The Dresden Files.” I just LOVE that sexy Paul Blackthorne. He looks kind of like Jack, only Jack has more hair and muscles, blue eyes, and a southern accent.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Hello, and welcome to my very first blog ever! What with a couple of different alter egos and a whole cast of characters running around in my head, I hardly know where to start!

My day-to-day, real-life activities aren’t any more interesting than most people’s, so I’ll spare you the tale of the trip to the scratch-and-dent appliance store and the nonworking dishwasher. Don’t get me wrong. If a UFO ever lands outside my basement office/bead studio and disgorges little green men, you’ll be among the first to know. But I, for one, ain’t holding my breath.

However, the other world that I inhabit, that is, the world of the Savannah Vampires, is inherently more interesting. It’s the world of creatures in the shadows, just a little bit beyond our senses and way beyond our understanding. Those creatures are both powerful and seductive and have the means to bend us to their will—sometimes.

I hope to prevail on some of the folks of that world to serve as guest columnists in this space from time to time. William’s kind of scary, but I happen to be close, personal friends with Jack McShane and I’m pretty sure I can twist his arm. I expect Lamar Nathan von Werm, aka Werm, to drop by. He has a lot to say and some of it actually makes sense. I can’t always say that for Huey, Jack’s pet zombie, but he’s friendly and has manners enough not to try and chow down on anyone’s brains.

Then there’s Melaphia, the voodoo mambo and bead artist (like Raven—the bead part, not the voodoo part) and her adorable daughter Renee.

So watch this space for news and gossip out of Raven’s world—if you dare.