Sunday, June 3, 2007

A New Contest for June

Happy June, everyone! A reader from Kentucky won the necklace, but she hasn’t replied to my email, so I can’t announce her name yet. (Maybe she’s on vacation since it’s that time of year.) Anyway, next month’s prize is a pair of goldstone bat earrings and a pair of Raven Hart earrings. So go ahead and enter! I’ve uploaded a picture, but my photography skills leave a lot to be desired. Despite the big shadow in the lower left corner, I think you can see what the bling looks like.

I just finished the revisions for “The Vampire’s Kiss,” due out in November and am hard at work on book four in the Savannah Vampire Chronicles series. Sorry I haven’t come up with more content for the site, but I need to meet my deadline first. Come back to visit in a few weeks and maybe I’ll have a character gallery fleshed out.
Until next time. . . .